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We multiply our own experiences and share them with you and invite you to ‘Things’ whose source is ‘Happiness’.

Anjeliq Bag

There were dozens of thrown away plastic bags on the streets again today. A cloth bag; Ensures the protection of our natural resources. Helps us to save energy. Provides convenience in garbage operations by reducing the amount of waste. Recycling helps us invest in the future and the economy. By reducing the amount of solid waste, environmental pollution is prevented to a great extent.

Anjeliq Swimming Rings


Anjeliq Clothes

Our CD Collection brand is now taking the first steps of a new journey and opening different doors to living together with old friends and new faces on this platform, which will reflect the running of Alanya. He shares his own experiences with you by multiplying them and invites you to ‘Things’ whose source is ‘Happiness’.

“Things” That Have “Happiness” at Their Source